Available Packages


RangersTV Standard

This package allows you to access all of our channels and view any programme twice.




RangersTV Plus

This package allows you to view any programme as often as you like. It will be your very own Rangers library.  It does not include Live.



RangersTV Unlimited

This package is for Overseas fans only.  As well as all the features of RangersTVPlus it also includes all our Live games (where we have access to an OB and rights).


Pay per View

You can also buy Pay per View where you can purchase individual programmes, and if you live overseas or are travelling overseas, the live games.  These will be priced individually.


Please note: membership to Rangers World is not included in these prices.


Pricing Monthly Annual
Rangers TV (excluding Live) £5.00 £49.00
RangersTV Plus£12.00 £96.00
RangersTV Unlimited (USD)$28.50 $299.00


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RangersTV Help

Welcome to Rangers TV help. Use the guide below to find information about the service and how to solve problems as well as answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). There is a useful topic list on the right hand side.

If you need further assistance, you can contact our help team by sending and email to support@rangerstv.tv. Please check the FAQ’s before sending an email as your question may already be answered.


Season Ticket Holders

If you are a season ticket holder and are signing up to Rangers TV, use the username and password provided to register.  Once you have registered with the username and password provided you can log in.  If you have lost your username and password then go here and an email reminder will be sent to your registered email.

If you have not received your username and password then email webmail@rangers.co.uk or call the hotline option 5 and 8 on 0871 702 1972.

Why can’t I see the live game in the UK ?

Rights agreements mean that live SPL, League and Cup games are only available to fans outside of the UK. Because of these rights agreements we must block all users within the UK/ROI. We use geo-blocking to do this.


On Demand games (full games sometimes known as as-live) are available to fans within the UK, usually from midnight on the day of the game (SPL, League, Cup and European games).


From time-to-time (for example friendly matches) we will have UK rights as well as overseas rights. Sometimes rights agreements will mean we will have UK rights but not overseas rights. These variances will only apply to games outside of the normal season League, Cup and European games.


All Champions League games will be On Demand. We have no live internet rights for these games anywhere in the World.

I'm not in the UK but I can't see the match, what should I do?

If you are outside of the UK but receive a message saying you are not, this is usually because you may be using a company internet service that directs back to the UK which means the geo-blocking will pick up the UK IP address. You will need to talk to your company to resolve this or use a local ISP. You can find out your IP address using sites such as: www.whatismyip.com.


Sometimes even though you are accessing from outside the UK, it's possible you may see a message saying you cannot access the live game and this could be because your computer is on a UK-based network, or is routed via the UK (sometimes the case with work connections if your employer is UK-based). Some programs, such as web accelerators, can cause your IP address to appear as if it is within the UK. You can find out your IP address using sites such as www.whatismyip.com.

If RangersTV does not recognise your IP address at all, then you won't be able to stream live games.

Occasionally it may simply be a network error, so it's worth closing your browser or router and reopening as a new IP address is allocated which may be UK-based.

Our Geo-IP technology system recognises IP addresses provided by internet service providers (ISPs). If RangersTV doesn't recognise your address, you must contact your ISP as they alone can register your address.

If your ISP has registered with the appropriate databases, our servers are updated on a regular basis so you will have to wait until the next refresh to gain access.

Do I need special software ?

You will require Adobe flash player. This is available at adobe.com.

You will also need to enable Javascript.

RangersTV will work on a Mac or a PC (Windows or Linux).

How do I enable JavaScript?

JavaScript is software that helps RangersTV work with your computer and other devices such as games consoles Windows XP, Vista & 7.

Internet Explorer

Go to Tools then Internet Options

Click on the Security tab

Click on Custom Level

Scroll down until you see a section labelled Scripting

Under Active Scripting, select Enable and click OK

Mozilla Firefox

Go to Firefox
Click on Preferences
Click on the Content tab
Make sure there is a tick in the box next to Enable JavaScript
Close Preferences


Go to Safari
Click on Preferences
Click on the Security tab
Make sure there is a tick in the box next to Enable JavaScript
Close Preferences

PlayStation 3

If you get told to enable JavaScript, please ensure that you have the latest PS3 updates applied.


Why does the video player show a spinning circle, or not play smoothly?

If your network connection is not consistent, you may experience problems connecting – the video will pause and a circle will spin on your screen.

You can check your connection speed by using www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk and if you live outside the UK you can check you speed here www.dslreports.com/speedtest?more=1

Changing the quality

RangersTV should detect your connection speed and give you the optimal rate. However, you can change the automatic connection speed by clicking the patterned box at the bottom of the video screen to High, Medium or Low.

Network traffic and security

Check that your connection is not being shared with others that may be downloading or uploading files. Network traffic may also build at certain types of day, so you may wish to try later. Also make sure that no-one else in your household is using the network at the same time.
Some security programs, firewalls or routers may block your access to the Player. This may mean that you always see the loading screen, with a spinning circle in the middle of where the video should be. Please check your computer's settings to ensure that it is not blocking the RangersTV Player or Flash.


Video Cards

If your computer or video card is not powerful enough, or if you don't have enough memory (RAM), the video could stick

Other Applications And Programs

If you are running too many other programs, try closing down the other applications.
Computers can sometimes be busy with the process of updating software. These processes are designed to run in the background (sometimes invisibly to the user) but can still use up resources such as broadband bandwidth and computer power. It's a good idea to make sure these updates are not running while trying to watch streaming video.

So what else can I do?

Check your internet package. You could consider upgrading your broadband internet package if you regularly experience difficulties. Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Office/work networks: if you are using the service inside business premises, check with your computer administrator. Firewalls and traffic restrictions (eg. to prevent streaming) may be in place.

All I hear is Audio but no video

If this happens please do a complete refresh of the browser page - this can be done by holding in CTRL and pressing the F5 key.

Why am I asked for a cookie ?

We use cookies so that we can recognise your username and password and so that we know that you can view the programmes.


If you are asked, you will need to accept cookies.

I am registered but I am not able to watch anything

Once you have registered you need to log-in using your username and password
You only need to register once. Once you have your username and password simply log-in each time you want to use the service.

Sometimes you may have registered more than once – so check your username and password because each registration will match a unique username and password.

I have lost my password

To find out your password simply click here.

Does it matter where I bought the match?

No. You can buy a game or subscribe in anticipation of a trip abroad and still watch the matches when you are away. We test your location whenever you try to watch.

If you live overseas and are returning to the UK, you will not be able to watch a live game while you are in the UK.




Rangers TV uses Worldpay for its transactions. After you have paid you will receive confirmation from Worldpay.

You can cancel payments at any time either by contacting support@rangerstv.tv or by contacting Worldpay with the username that Worldpay provided. (This is a differet log in to your RangersTV log in)


How much is it in my currency?

You can see what prices are using this currency convertor.


See our full pricing information page


All $ prices quoted are US$.


How fast do payments go through?

We aim for payments to go through immediately, however payments do depend on Banks' or Building Society's time frames. To be absolutely sure to view a match, make sure you purchase it well before kick off.


Am I due a refund?

Our Refund Policy is here.