Available Packages


RangersTV Standard

This package allows you to access all of our channels and view any programme twice.




RangersTV Plus

This package allows you to view any programme as often as you like. It will be your very own Rangers library.  It does not include Live.



RangersTV Unlimited

This package is for Overseas fans only.  As well as all the features of RangersTVPlus it also includes all our Live games (where we have access to an OB and rights).


Pay per View

You can also buy Pay per View where you can purchase individual programmes, and if you live overseas or are travelling overseas, the live games.  These will be priced individually.


Please note: membership to Rangers World is not included in these prices.


Pricing Monthly Annual
Rangers TV (excluding Live) £5.00 £49.00
RangersTV Plus£12.00 £96.00
RangersTV Unlimited (USD)$28.50 $299.00


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